Preview the 2014 Coops

Take a peek at the coops featured on the 2014. We've got funky and fabulous and everything in between. Get your ticket now!

Stop 1 - Tour Headquarters

Stop 1The Sunshine Community Garden coop was built from scratch, mostly of recycled wire and wood. The 20' x 30' coop sits in the back corner of the gardens, and provides a fully enclosed coop and run for the chickens.  It protects the gardens from the chickens and the chickens from the predators.   Don't be surprised if you find yourself distracted by the many gardens along the way.

Stop 2

Stop 2This colorful and modern coop was designed and built from scratch, using iron, wood, and hardware cloth.  It features a pitched roof over the roost, and uses found and recycled materials for structural and decorative elements, including a disassembled desk for walls and nest boxes.  It was designed for predator resistance and to provide good ventilation during Austin's hot summers.

Stop 3

Stop 3This school has a colorful coop run by the third grade students.  It backs right up the the classroom, and features a cool observation window.  From inside the classroom students can observe when the hens lay their eggs. A picnic table is beside the new extended chicken run that allows the children to work beside them.

Stop 4

Stop 4This is a pretty A-frame coop that corners the gardens.  In the mornings the drawbridge is lowered and the chickens spend the day wandering the gardens, exploring the compost heap, balancing on perches, taking dust baths, and tapping on the back door for treats...and hopefully laying eggs.

Stop 5

Stop 5Come see the old playhouse turned into the "Eggsplorer".  You'll meet ten brave chickens who, on their way to the moon, made an emergency landing in the land of Bliss.  Visit their backyard wonderland with a bicycle fountain pond, an oversized checkerboard, an outdoor shower and a pair of goats.

Stop 6

Stop 6This natural wood coop has a galvanized roof and chicken wire encloses the coop and the run.  The chickens are safe from weather and predators, under the oak trees and protected by a greenhouse on one side.  There are three nest boxes that are easily accessible from the outside for children and adults.  The chickens love to roam in an area fenced off from the playground where they can free range all day.  

Stop 7

Stop 7Our 2014 beneficiary, Green Gate Farms, is proud to present its new mobile chicken coop created as part of its 2014 New Farm Institute (NFI) farm-based education initiatives.  With the addition of a new Education Center, the community based farm needed a new coop for its flock.  So they invited the fifth grade class at Jewish Academy to design and construct a lightweight mobile coop securing up to 50 pastured birds.  The fifth graders were challenged to use repurposed materials.  Come see what they created during their 10-week service learning project.

Stop 8

Stop 8Constructed of reclaimed wood fence pickets, ash juniper trunks, recycled corrugated metal and clear plastic roofing, the chicken coop has become the center of the community.  The coop is protected by Clara, an Anatolian/Pyrenees farm dog, who guards against snakes and hawks and owls.  Come see Clara at work protecting her flock. 

Stop 9

Stop 9Using inspiration from designs online, this natural wood and green painted coop, nestled in the bamboo, incorporates several unique features, such as an exterior nesting box, adjustable louvers from recycled door panels, a winter/summer weather screen, and a welded straw bale holder and rebar ladder to the roost.

Stop 10

Stop 10This coop was built by a volunteer for the school out of recycled roofing and siding and vents. Surrounding the coop is a natural wildlife habitat, certified by the National Wildlife Federation. It was built by the staff, family members, and students of the school, and features a pond with beautiful schubunkin fish.

Stop 11

Stop 11This coop is built of mostly recycled wood, hardware cloth, and corrugated plastic.  Its tall enough to walk in for egg collection and coop cleaning, faces south for seasonal weather protection, and has an automatic coop door.  The vegetable garden is beside the coop and run, for easy access by humans and chickens!

Stop 12

Stop 12This elevated coop is constructed of rough hewn cedar and wire fencing, and has its own rain water collection system.  It has and enclosed run and an open run, attached to a vegetable garden.  The floor of the coop is removable for easy cleaning and allows for more airflow in the summer.  The coop sits under the shady trees in summer, and egg collection is a breeze with the easy access doors.

Stop 13

Stop 13The coop, located in a school courtyard, is constructed of wood with a spacious interior.  The courtyard is planted with Texas natives, all done by the students, and is designated as a Monarch Waystation and a National Wildlife Foundation Schoolyard Habitat.  There are several rain gardens, cisterns, and ponds, composters and a compost tea maker, and a greenhouse where students propagate native plants.  

Stop 14

Stop 14This pink, green and purple coop and run, featured in Central Texas Gardener, is constructed of Hardy plank, stone, concrete, welded wire, and a galvanized steel roof and was made from scratch. It has a cupola with a rooster, galvanized roof, stone walls with electricity and running water, a stone porch, patio and walk way. “I enjoy the sounds they make and that they run around the yard, and that my grandkids get to feed them and collect the eggs.”